Hey Everyone!

This Friday I will be apart of Tumblr Arts Summit! This is going to be an exciting panel to be sure, and I’m sure there will be LOTS to discuss. If you see me, please stop me and say hello!

As you might have read, my thesis was the beginning of research into the screen and our daily habits of staring into them; I believe that the internet has vast, uncharted territories, when it comes to art — both for viewing and making. I think it’s necessary for us to come together (you, me, everyone) and discuss our successes and failures with using this platform! [See Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from.]

It’s being moderated by the awesome Annie Werner who runs Tumblr Open Arts among many other amazing things for Tumblr. It will also include Aditya Julka, Co-founder of Paddle8, Jennifer Yin of the Asian Art Museum, Joel Kuennen of the publication ArtSlant, Kara Q. Smith of Art Practical and Open Space, the SFMOMA blog, Liz Glass of CCA Wattis Institute, and Ken Harman of Spoke Art.

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