Finding someone who loves your love song

A picture of a not yet picture

So I’m sitting in a diner called Little Henry’s this morning eating breakfast and having coffee. Although, I guess it isn’t morning anymore. It’s 12:30 pm. (For the curious, Little Henry’s is off Post and Larkin in San Francisco.)

I recently registered for my SF Public Library card. I love libraries. I love hallways lined with books and hushed voices. I love the smell of old paper and getting lost in words.

Air Guitar by Dave Hickey is the last book I’ve checked out from the public library. I’ve only just reached chapter 3 but would already recommend it.

It’s sunny today in the city (birds flying high, you know how I feel.)

Message me something to read: a quote, a short story, a book. Write and tell me how you are doing. Let me know, what are you working on today? Let’s share our lives with each other.

Thank you for being here with me; for sticking around. If you need it, I’m here for you too.

Workspace Wednesday

New place, new space, new face

~   Dalia Anani
~   Fred Martin, After the MFA. 
ArtWeek, September 1, 1989.
~   Don DeLillo, White Noise.
Murray Jay Siskind
~   Don DeLillo, White Noise
Canvas  by  andbamnan